5 Life Lessons the Golden girls taught me!

It’s been 33 years since the Golden Girls have entertained us, made us laugh, cry, think and most importantly, inspired us to stand up for what is right and never let go of our sense of humor even when the going gets tough.

Golden Girls-1

For the uninitiated, the Golden Girls revolved around the life of 3 middle aged woman, and the mother of one of them in her twilight years, going through the ups and downs that life gave them. Believe me, this show truly gave me joy in my bouts of depression.

Sadly, only Betty White remains, but as we celebrate 33 years of the Golden Girls inspiring us, here’s why I will be FOREVER indebted to the Golden Girls:

  • Whenever I am in trouble, I can always count on my Golden Girls to rescue me, even if it means that they lose out on sleep or their personal lives.


  • The way toΒ  a good time is not necessarily a man, your Golden Girls can also show you how to “Live it Up”!

Golden Girls

  • If ever I want a piece of advise, I DO NOT NEED a Psychiatrist, my Golden Girls will do just fine πŸ™‚

Golden Girls 2

  • If ever I am in jail, I know I can count on at least one Golden Girl bailing me out πŸ˜€


  • And last, but definitely not the least, if ever I wanna let me hair down and laugh about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I know my Golden Girls would always be there to join me.




Random Girl!