Church Sex Abuse Scandals…Is celibacy an option?

The recent sex abuse scandal in Kerala involving 5 nuns in protest against Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who was accused of raping a nun 13 times, is only one thorn in a whole Rose Garden of what we call the Catholic Church.


Sex abuse scandals are, sadly, not a new thing in the Catholic Church. At the Bishop’s conference held yesterday in Germany, there have been atleast 3677 victims of sexual assault between 1946 and 2014. Oh, did I mention that these numbers DO NOT INCLUDE religious orders, catholic institutions and orphanages?!? Shocking isn’t it?


So, what is the solution? For a long time, Celibacy has been a bone of contention within the Catholic Church. I mean, the religious are called to be the “Brides and Grooms of Christ”. Granted, these religious who represent God on Earth are after all Human. They have feelings too. But do those hidden feelings unleash the animals in them to replay their perverted fantasies with innocent children? If children do not feel safe in the “House of God”, where else can they be?!?

Yes, celibacy may be considered but you know what I think? I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as you start having untoward feelings, I believe you should remove your habit with dignity, ask God and NO ONE ELSE for pardon, and then move on serving God in other ways, like Social Work.

On another spectrum, it’s not just the priests who we should be thinking about. what about the countless victims whose innocence has been robbed due to one indecent touch or a lewd proposal by some one who represents God. Those little children will NEVER be the same again.


At the recent visit of Pope Francis in Ireland, not all the Faithful lining the streets were willing to greet the Pontiff with open arms.


Sad, coz i truly love this Pope. He has made it easier for the LGBT community to go to Church and He truly is how we would like to think God is: Fun, Compassionate and Caring. He did issue a grave apology to the people in Ireland and even met with 8 of the abuse victims, however, nothing was mentioned about what actions would be taken against the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

Random Girl Musings

  • Is celibacy the only solution? – Like I said, that could be an option, but that would take away from the purpose of being the “Brides and Grooms of Christ”. If you truly have unGodly urges, remove your habit and think of other ways of serving the people.
  • Sex Abuse Victims-what’s next?-  I cannot imagine the pain of having your innocence robbed away, but I can promise you one thing…HUMANS MAY FAIL YOU, BUT GOD NEVER DOES!


Random Girl!

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