Bigg Boss Malayalam…Your time is up!

I do not mind reality shows..I mean, who does not love to see a good cat fight once in a  while, so long as you are not a part of it 🙂

Where I do draw the line though is when Physical Abuse & Violence becomes a part of it.

Case in Point- Hima Shankar vs. Sabumon


It all started with Sabu insulting Hima by saying that her parents did not raise her to respect food, to which Hima took offense, lashed out by hitting his finger with a spray can, and he reacted by catching her by the scruff of the neck.

What amazed me was the After Math of this fight though. All the contestants stood by Sabu, the man who placed his hands on the woman!

Hima was eliminated from the show, which suited me just fine, coz I could’nt tolerate her anyways, lolz, but what angered me was that Sabu was givena  free pass and was allowed to stay!

Now, Million Dollar Question..Did Sabu learn from his ways?


Clearly not, as can be seen above. This week, h tried to put his hands into a female contestant’s clothes to remove an object. When the female contestant fired back, he instantly abused her. And, horror of horrors, she apologized to him!!

Random Girl Musings

  • Sabumon, you are a piece of crap. I’m going to end it that.
  • No one, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to put your hands on another human being, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.
  • Bigg Boss, show a little justice and KICK THIS SOB OUT!


An angry viewer